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33 Simple Ways to Live an Extraordinary Life

Listen to music when you are happy. Listen to music when you are sad. Listen to music when you are angry. Listen to music when you are grateful.

Always say I love you when you mean it. Never say it when you don’t.

Spend money on experiences rather than things. Memories last forever.

Sleep with the windows open whenever possible.

Get a Sonicare and go to the dentist every 6 months. You only get one set of permanent teeth. Take care of them.

Always bring a jacket on a plane and to the movie theater.

Fight off energy vampires. They will drain you of your creativity and zest for life.

Shop the perimeter of the grocery store.

Treat the CEO and the person who cleans her office the same, because they are.

Sometimes a road trip is better than an elaborate vacation.

Nothing tastes better than ice cream on a hot day.

Be kind whenever possible and forgive yourself when you forget this one.

Get a dog. They are a lot of work. Get one anyway.

Keep a gratitude journal and look back at it to be reminded of all of your blessings.

Eat a lot of strawberries when they are in season.

Buy a quality mattress and pillow. You spend one third of your life in bed. It’s worth it.

Live in a city that makes you feel alive.

There is no such thing as “Guilty Pleasure” music. Love what you love. No guilt needed.

Never stop reading.

The goal isn’t always to get the answer. Sometimes the goal is just to ask great questions.

Laugh. About big things and small things. Laughter is often the answer.

Treat yourself as well as you would treat your best friend. Be kind to yourself.

Roll the windows down. Turn the music up.

Dance…publicly and privately.

Don’t judge others. You don’t know their story, even if you think you do.

The best prayer is “thank you.”

It takes a strong person to say, “I need help.”

Eat dark chocolate.

Visit London.

Wear sunscreen on your face every day.

Do something with your photos. Don’t just leave them in your phone.

Write thank you notes.

Be true to that one piece of perfect that lives inside of you. Let your gift shine.


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