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Start with Yes

Life can get boring very quickly if you let it. Routines wiggle their way into your life and before you know it, your daily groove has dug itself into a trench. And there you are. Stuck in the mud. Why Start with Yes? An easy…

Be Passionately Curious

Every great discovery begins with one question: Why? One word. Three letters. It changes everything. For children, everything in the world is fresh, new and interesting. But as we grow up, we slowly begin to accept things as they are simply because that's the way…
6 Reasons to Celebrate Failure

6 Reasons to Celebrate Failure

Failure gets a bad rap. It's the opposite of success, right? You either win or lose. It's black or white. Not around here. We celebrate failure. This is why: Failure means that you tried something new If you are always doing things that you are…
Do What You Love

Do What You Love

Tonight, while you were at Rock School, I sat in the lobby and read. But, since it's a music school, I get the chance to watch kids come and go with their violins, drumsticks and guitars. I love it. I grew up playing music and…
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