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How To Know If You’ve Won The Dad Lottery

When you came into the world, we were showered with congratulations that all centered around the theme of, “Congratulations on the arrival of your daughter!”

But if I could go back to that day, I would whisper in your ear, “Congratulations on the arrival of your father!” Because on that day, as I watched the man I loveĀ hold this extraordinary new life in his arms, I knew that you had just won the dad lottery.

Signs That You Have Won the Dad Lottery

  • Given any two choices, where one of them is you…he chooses you.
  • When he hears you talking in another room, he looks up and quietly says, “I love her.”
  • Everything you do makes him proud….really, really proud.
  • He worries about you. Constantly.
  • He encourages you to be exactly who you are.
  • He’d rather spend his Saturday nights watching movies with you than just about anything else in the world.
  • He comforts you when you make mistakes.
  • Whatever you’re into, he’s into.
  • He apologizes when he makes a mistake.
  • He is strong when you are weak and he is a comfort when you are in pain.
  • He reads to you and does great character voices.
  • When you’re happy, he’s happy.
  • His actions show the importance of being kind, being charitable, and helping others.
  • He always stops when he sees a lost dog.
  • He works hard and without complaint.
  • He would do absolutely anything to make sure you are safe.
  • He’d rather have ice cream with you than eat at the fanciest restaurant in town without you.
  • He makes up the most amazing bedtime stories.
  • He loves and respects your mother.

And the biggest sign that you’ve won the dad lottery?

You can’t imagine ever finding someone as amazing as him.

So, I sit here today and think back on the newborn you, with your whole life ahead of you. And I say….

Congratulations on the arrival of your father. You’ve just won the dad lottery.


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Stephanie Cotton

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