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If You Live Long Enough, Your Hair Begins to Sparkle

A while back, I watched this video by 31 year old food blogger, Rachel Farnsworth, who was called an “old-hag” by a reader who thought she should color her gray hair. If you watch the video, you will learn that Rachel has an autoimmune disorder and is uncertain if she will live to see her 70th birthday. To her, every sign of aging is a reminder that she is still alive.

Aging is a gift.

Wrinkles are the results of a life filled with smiles and concern.

Age spots can bring back memories of that time you forgot your sunscreen, but had a great time hanging out at the pool with your friends.

The ache in your knee is a reminder of all the miles you’ve walked and all the adventures you’ve had.

These are your battle scars.

You’ve experienced health issues. And you survived.

You’ve had your heart broken. And you survived.

You’ve hit rock bottom and then learned that the bottom was even farther. And you survived.

But as your skin gets less bouncy and your bones get a little creaky, your hair does something completely different.

Your hair begins to…sparkle!

It takes over a billion years to create a diamond, but it only takes a few decades for a human to begin to shine.

Sure, you can cover it up, color it, or pull it back, but underneath it all, it’s still there.

Nobody is guaranteed a long life and every sign of aging is a reminder that we are, in fact, still alive.

We wrinkle. We spot. We creak.

And we sparkle. Oh…do we sparkle!

Photo credit:
Lotte Meijer

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  1. Lori

    I love it. So much ❤️

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