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Vote in Every Election, It’s a Right Many Women Were Denied

Once you turn 18, you will have the opportunity to vote in many elections and the ability to vote for President every four years.

Vote in every election.

Learn about the issues and exercise your right to let your opinion be heard.

When the United States was founded, women didn’t have this fundamental right that we now take for granted. The bold women who came before us fought for 100 years for my voice and your voice to be heard.

Please don’t ever, ever, ever take that right for granted.

Read about the issues. Find the candidates that align with your values. Get up early on election day, grab a cup of coffee and prepare to wait in long lines. Then walk in and cast your vote.

I can’t explain to you the feeling of empowerment that you feel after you cast your ballot. You feel like a part of something so much bigger than you. You feel like you matter. You feel like you did your part (no matter how small) to make our world a little better.

And when you watch the numbers come in, you will say, “I’m part of that number!”

Sometimes you will agree with our government and sometimes you won’t, but we are beyond blessed to live in a country where we are granted the right to vote. Don’t ever let that privilege be wasted.


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