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Walk Bravely Into This One Wild Life

You have been given the unique gift of living your one life in any way that you choose.

You can step gracefully through a palette of gray and beige or you can smother it in golden yellow and french violet.

It’s your choice.

My recommendation is to walk bravely into this one wild life.

Live a big juicy life filled with authenticity and moxi.

Don’t climb the ladder. Build it.

When your legs are shaking, go ahead and stand up, even though it’s easier to just stay seated.

Listen more than you talk. But when you have something to say, say it with confidence.

Wear red lipstick to Target.

Color your hair red. Then pink. Then black. Grow it long. Cut it all off. Grow it out again.

Stay up late writing down crazy ideas, then get up the next day and try one of them out.

Jump in the car in January and drive south until you see palm trees.

Eat pancakes for dinner and get cake as an appetizer.

Be absolutely ridiculous in your twenties. Continue to be somewhat ridiculous for the next 60 years.

Risk it all by falling head over heels in love.

Create things.

Learn how to dance the Electric Slide, Gangnam Style, and the Nae Nae, and when the music comes on…dance…and don’t hold back.

Laugh. Just laugh.

And walk bravely into this one wild life.



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Lyndsey Marie

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