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Peaceful Life

I Loooooove My Life

Last night as I was putting you to bed, you curled up quietly and said “I looooove my life.”

And I smiled, because our life is pretty uncomplicated.

We don’t go on big vacations and stay in fancy resorts, but we do spend every day together enjoying each other’s company.

We don’t have you scheduled in multiple activities, but we do encourage creativity, imagination and play.

We don’t go to the mall to stock your closet with the latest looks, but we do let you wear rain boots on days when there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

We encourage silliness, kindness, singing loudly, hugging frequently, and staying up late when the conversation is important.

We have sock fights, snowball fights and bread fights. (yes, we hit each other with loaves of bread…nothing strange here)

We pet dogs wherever we go. We turn up the music in the car and sing loudly without worrying about who is watching. We say I love you…a lot. We eat ice cream on hot days and lounge in our pajamas all day when it’s raining.

We read and read and read. We make up stories. We share secrets. We talk about our dreams. We cry.

But mostly, we are just traveling through life together and enjoying this moment, right here.

And I looooove my life too.

Photo by Lotte Meijer on Unsplash

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